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DELF examination. International certification of French-language abilities for non-native speakers.
Language Teacher. Regular classes. One to one. Master Classes.

Teaching Curriculum Vitae

Information technology

IT management. Web design and development (HTML5/CSS3).
SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
WBT (Web-Based Training and e-learning).
DTP (Desktop publishing).

IT Curriculum Vitae

Abroad french business representative

SMB (Small and medium businesses).
>> Industrial metalwork.
>> Airplane and Helicopter dealer.
>> French fashion.

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Aikido training is mental as well as physical, emphasizing the ability to relax the mind and body even under the stress of dangerous situations. As a martial art concerned not only with fighting proficiency but with the betterment of daily life, this mental aspect is of key importance to aikido practitioners.


Traces of my works

Teaching, IT or international business :
Assistant language teacher.
IT expertise.
Web marketing.
European industries partnership.

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